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  • Get ready to be whisked away to the ball at any moment in these whimsical, fairytale nails. A sparkly powder blue with an eye-catching glossy finish, these nails will have you feeling like the princess you are. Medium length and stiletto-shaped, this set is sure to rouse jealousy (watch out for those pesky stepsisters!)


    Length: Medium
    Shape: Stiletto

    Finish: Glossy

    Colour: Light Sparkly Blue


    *Disclaimer: Please note that nail colours on screen may vary due to lighting and resolution of different monitors.

    Cinderella Slipper

    SKU: XN00010
    • • 10 Press-On Nails
      • 2 Extra Tips
      • How To Apply Kit
      - Nail Glue
      - Nail Glue Stickers
      - Nail File
      - Cuticle Stick
      - Alcohol Prep Pad
      - Instructions

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