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Xpressed Nails ButterflyMe set in packaging

Press-on nails have come a long way from dated, one-size-fits-all (ya, right!) drug store brands. Like any art form, nail art is all about self-expression. But with most luxury press-on nail brands, the nail designs are mass-produced, and your style is anything but.

That's why Sydney Jane launched Xpressed Nails. She wanted to offer a hand-painted, personalized press-on experience that empowers people to express who they are and take ownership of their beauty.

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As a certified nail technician, Sydney Jane understands some people are not able or comfortable visiting a salon. Plus, not everyone has the time, know-how or patience to paint their own nails and achieve the professional look they deserve.


That's why we provide hand-painted, custom-designed press-on nails that are high-quality, durable, and easy to apply and remove at home. At Xpressed Nails we take the time to listen to your vision and work with you to create a customized press-on design that accentuates your beauty and tells your story. 

Xpressed Nails founder Sydney Jane
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Xpressed Nails, we believe everyone has a right to happy, healthy, beautiful nails that they're proud to flaunt. We're on a mission to revolutionize and individualize the nail industry, making stunningly gorgeous press-on nails available from the comfort of home to people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.


Our hand-painted, luxurious salon-quality nails are affordable and accessible to all. As proud LGBTQQIP2SAA advocates we encourage you to join us in our mission to make you look and feel as beautiful as you are. 









Xpressed Nails Sizing Guides



Tip Sizes


Place transparent tape over nail

Press tape into edges of nail

Mark edges of nail on both sides

Remove tape from nail

Measure in millimetres (mm)

How To Measure


Applying and removing your press-on nails is quick and simple. Follow these steps for beautiful, salon-quality nails.

Prep Natural Nail
Push back cuticles. File, buff, and clean nails. File press-on to perfect the fitting to your nail.

Apply glue to your natural nail. Align and firmly press your press-on at a 45-degree angle. 

Precise Removal
Soak fingers in hot water to soften glue. Rock press-ons from side-to-side to release. Lightly buff natural nail. 

How To Apply

Can press-on nails really look as good as an expensive salon manicure? Can you get a press-on nail that feels like it’s been custom fitted? Is it really easy to apply and remove press-ons without damaging your natural nail?  Yes. Yes. Yes!


We love sharing our nail knowledge and challenging people’s preconceived notions about press-on nails. Find answers to your burning questions below. Still left wondering? Fire us a DM and we’ll get back to you asap.

  • Q: How do I apply press-on nails?
    A: Wondering how to apply press-on nails? Just follow these three simple steps! 1. Start By Prepping Your Natural Nail Always prep your natural nails before applying your press-on nails. Follow these three steps to prep your natural nails: Push back your cuticles. Buff your natural nails with the provided cuticle pusher and nail buffer. Clean your natural nail with the alcohol wipe provided in your application kit to remove any debris or oil. 2. Select the Correct Nail Size Select your correct nail sizes. (Refer to our Sizing and Shape Guide for help)! 3. Apply the Glue For a shorter wear (one to three days) apply a strip of glue from the cuticle to the tip of your natural nail. For long lasting nails (two to 14 days), apply a pea-sized bead of glue to your natural nail. Apply your press-on at a 45 degree angle slightly below your cuticle. Apply pressure to the entire nail and hold for 20 seconds. How to Apply Nail Tabs If you are using nail tabs, follow steps one and two above. Then simply adhere the nail tab to the inside of the press-on nail at a 45 degree angle, just below your cuticle. Then, apply your press-on and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Q: How do you remove press-on nails?
    A: Press-on nails will not come off alone in just water. However, we recommend soaking your nails in the hottest comfortable water for a few minutes before removal. This soak will help soften the glue and allow for easier removal. Next, start rocking the press-on from side to side to release it from your natural nail. Soak in hot water longer if needed. Ensure you do not rip off the press-on! Doing so can cause damage to your natural nail. Once the press-on has been removed, lightly buff your nail to remove any excess glue.
  • Q: Are press-on nails reusable?
    A: Yes! After a careful removal, you can simply wipe your press-on nails with the alcohol wipe in your application kit and store for future use. Depending on the condition of the inside of the press-on nail you may be able to get up to three wears from each set! To keep your press-on nails in good condition remove as much glue as possible from the inside of the press-on nail after each use.
  • Q: How long do press on sets last?
    A: With nail glue, press-ons can last anywhere from two to 14 days. Nail tabs have much shorter wear, lasting anywhere from one to three days. Nail tabs are recommended for occasional wear only.
  • Q: What do I do if my press-on nails pop off?
    A: If you are having issues with nails popping off or coming off prematurely, more glue will do the trick! Add a pea sized bead of glue to your natural nail, as you normally would, and also add a little bit of glue to the back of your press-on nail to ensure a more secure hold! If you have naturally oily nails apply an extra wipe of alcohol before glueing the nail.
  • Q: What do I do if my press-on nails won’t come off?
    A: Never rip off your press-ons! Doing so may damage your natural nail. If your press-ons will not come off after you’ve followed our easy removal process, it usually means they are being removed prematurely. Accidental over-gluing may also make your press-on nails difficult to remove. In either case, we recommend waiting a few more days before removing your press-on nails. Remember, your Xpressed Nails can always be cut and filed down in length for personal preference.
  • Q: Returns/Exchanges?
    A: Each set is checked before being shipped. However, due to sanitary concerns, Xpressed Nails can not be returned. If your set arrives defective/damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving, so we can make the situation right.
  • Q: Where do you ship to?
    A: We ship worldwide!
  • Q: How long does shipping take?
    A: Depending on where we are shipping to, it may take anywhere from three to 14 days for your Xpressed Nails to arrive.
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